Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Key Components to an outfit

To make an outfit complete you need the following..........

1. Great Fit

You don't want a baggy jean or a way too tight t-shirt- in either of these cases it will make you look heavier than you are. If your not happy with your size, remember- you can just cut off the tag when you get home!

2. Appropriatness

A rule for live is that you never want it to look like you are selling your body- unless, of course, you are. If you wear a mini skirt, be sure not to wear a low cut shirt, or really high heels. Also, a mini skiet with tights in the winter/ fall is a great look, and very in.

3. Classis cuts/ shapes with a twist

Of course you know the LBD [ little black dress]. This is a classic dress you can play up with a dash of color, ankle booties, hats, or a funky vintage bag. Make your look your own!

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