Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 Fall Essentails on a budget

Try an American Eagle striped bag instead of a back pack- roughly $30.00

Vintage Rings are a must for this fall- be sure to pick a couple up at Forever21 for roughly 3.50 a piece.
Statement making hats are tres chic this year, attracting attention to your face.
Bold jewelry in dark husky hues will make your outfit have a modern twist-Angela Caputi , price unknown
High Heeled black leather boots are a MUST for this year- aroung 95.00, Simply Vera Wang for Kohls

Yes, leather booties are definatly still in this year, but only with either a low& chunky heel, or high [ 3 inches +]. Find this pair [ which i own] at for $30.00

2009 Spring Trends

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Key Components to an outfit

To make an outfit complete you need the following..........

1. Great Fit

You don't want a baggy jean or a way too tight t-shirt- in either of these cases it will make you look heavier than you are. If your not happy with your size, remember- you can just cut off the tag when you get home!

2. Appropriatness

A rule for live is that you never want it to look like you are selling your body- unless, of course, you are. If you wear a mini skirt, be sure not to wear a low cut shirt, or really high heels. Also, a mini skiet with tights in the winter/ fall is a great look, and very in.

3. Classis cuts/ shapes with a twist

Of course you know the LBD [ little black dress]. This is a classic dress you can play up with a dash of color, ankle booties, hats, or a funky vintage bag. Make your look your own!

This is Me

Fashion is more than just a hobby or an activity-it's a way of living. You don't have to dress like an Italian Gucci model, but you probably shouldnt be wearing tracksuits every day. I'll be posting pictures up soon of my own personal style. Each day i differ from either boho chic, juicy couture inspiration, high fashion, laid back, and mod. Here i want you to find inspiration for your own personal style- and then learn how to work it!!!!
much love-